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Unfortunately, for SEO promotion you pay for the process, not the result.

If, when paying for the SEO services of promoting your site, you are interested in how:

  1. Supervise a CEO or freelancer
  2. Compare the progress report from the contractor with an independent analysis
  3. Understand the principles of search engine optimization quickly
  4. Spend minimum time on controlling the money spent on SEO

Then you have come to the right place, because we can offer a solution to all these issues with the help of a weekly, independent audit of your site at the best price.

Having analyzed similar products, we can state that there are no solutions with such functionality as we have on the market. If you can convince us of the opposite by sending a link, we will remove the previous sentence.

Clients who have used our services weekly receive:

  • Tracking the search positions of the most important keywords
  • Full monitoring of content changes on the site.
  • The dynamics of the development of social networks
  • Technical review of your resource

It is this information that in a matter of seconds will help you understand how effectively the search engine optimization work is being done on your site.
If you want to resolve issues of control over SEO costs - order our audit.