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Pay for SEO - find out what it is

Treat your site like a business. It's hard to run a business without realizing what itis. It is of urgent necessity to spend some time on studying the basics of what the site consists of, what methods of promotion exist. If you decide to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), then at least you need to understand what it is and how to organize work and control. Otherwise, there is a great risk of joining the ranks of those who "merged" budgets, as they were not satisfied with the work of the CEO of the contractors and, as a result, did not make profit.

When you have no knowledge

Unfortunately, there are work performers who behave in the same way as in this anecdote. I wish you not to get into a similar situation with website promotion. To do this, you need to understand what you are paying for.

Knowledge of the site owner

How your site works
Knowledge (site device)
What SEO promotion consists of
Knowledge (SEO promotion consists)
What to browse indepently on resources
Knowledge (independently view)

The best way to gain knowledge about website promotion is to take courses. It is up to you to decided whether they will be paid or shareware (downloaded). A shorter way of gaining superficial knowledge is to read a few articles and watch up to dozen videos on this topic.

In fact, getting into the details is not as difficult as it seems. To understand how many pages, photos and videos there are on your site, as well as what errors there are, to understand the top ten figures of Google Analitics Having higher education in IT sphere is not a necessary option at all. It takes literally a few hours to acquire such knowledge.

Business (site) owners who claim that they do not have time to understand the intricacies of the site and its optimization are either doomed to lack of profit from the site or can hire an employee into their staff and interest one in the efficience of the site. Lack of interest is the biggest promotion problem. None of the contractors, whether it is SEO or SEO studio secure result contract. In fact, it is the resource’s owner who is interested in. Just like in business, the result means profit and no one except the owner is obsessed with its increasing. It may also be an employee on a percentage basis, but the CEO contractors do not have such schemes.

How to draw up a promotion contract properly?

Preliminary analysis of the site and competitors concerning important enquiries
Promotion agreement (site and competitor analysis)
Commitment to increased content based on analysis
Promotion agreement (Commitment to increase content)
Specific scope and timing of activities based on analysis

Elimination of technical defects

Buying links

Getting non-paid links


Clear reporting
Promotion agreement (clear reporting)

Without content increasing and improving it is impossible to promote the site! The contract must indicate how the content will be developed specifically. Who, in which capacity and how often provides (publishes) new articles. This is also applied to photo and video materials.

It makes no sense to conclude an agreement without understanding the state of your site at the present time: How many technical defects there are on it. How many articles (product cards) require correcting or adding. How far is your site behind or ahead of competitors in terms of content, link mass and social networks. This information can be obtained by conducting a detailed and multifaceted SEO audit. It is important to do this before concluding a contract, so that it includes specific actions to eliminate problems and backlogs identified during the analysis.

Carefully refer to the section of reporting on the work done. Specificity and clarity are important both in the work carried out and in the reports.

Why is planning important?

All search engine optimization activities should be carried out with a specific purpose. Why to increase the number of articles, photos, videos? Why to buy links? If it is necessary to develop social networks? Do you need serious technical fixing? All these questions can be answered by a high-quality audit with a detailed analysis of competitors on important business enquiries.

Based on the analysis, separate plans are drawn up in the following areas:

  • Writing new sections and articles. For example: publish 15 great articles and 50 blog posts monthly. As a result, in 3 months instead of 800 at present there should be 1000 pages on the site. The figures are taken from the calculation of how to catch up with competitors, which now have 2,000 pages. 3 months is an intermediate stage, which is negotiated with the CEO of the contractor. As for the owner of the resource, it is desirable to have an idea of the period within which to bring the indicator of articles closer to those one of competitors and how to distribute finances for the period of "chase".
  • Publication of new photographic materials. How many per week, month.
  • New videos on youtube, with placement on the site. How much and within which period.
  • If there are 20,000 technical errors on the site, you need to distribute them into 10-30 weeks, depending on the cost of the work. This will create a weekly or monthly plan to fix the faults.
  • A link building plan is necessary not only for understanding how quickly to catch up with competitors. It is more important to draw up and adhere to it based on the fact that search engines have a negative attitude to the fact of buying paid links, and with a sharp increase it is possible to impose sanctions leading to a fall in the rating. Google information on buying links.
  • The development of social networks is also planned based on the analysis of competitors, even if SMM and SEO promotion are done by different contractors.

SEO Planning

Publishing new materials
(sections, white papers, blog articles, product cards, ...) SEO planning (publication of new materials)
3 articles per week
20 products per month
Photos and videos on new and old articles
SEO planning (New photos and videos)
50 photos per week per week
10 videos per month
Elimination of technical and copywriting errors

We divide errors into groups

Setting dates for small groups

Distribute large groups into weeks

Fill 150 blank H1
Reduce all photos to 300kb
Link mass of the site

Non-paid links (reference books, thematic forums, marketplaces, etc.)

Purchase paid links

SEO planning (publication of new materials)
10 posts with links to the site per week for each social network

Get 15 non-paid links
Buy 10 links on the exchange

The importance of planning is a matter of funds and trust from search engines. You can buy 200-500 thousand markups on all social networks in a week. Hire 100 copywriters for 3 articles per day, receiving +10000 articles per month. 50 photographers will make several thousand photos and videos within the same period. Buy many tens of thousands of links in a short period. But all this will cost a lot. As a result, such a site will be 100% sanctioned.

Lack of plans or monitoring over their implementation is the reason for poor SEO promotion and a way to cheat from the contractor’s side, since it is not clear what and why to do. But YOU pay the money.

GA and GSC Periodic Review

Depending on the region, you can add a similar service from Yandex "Webmaster" to the analytics and search console from Google.

you can spend 5-10 minutes a week analyzing products specified. This time is quite enough to understand how well things are with traffic on your site and by which phrases the search engine indexes it. It is extremely important for analysts to set goals, it may be cross-link to the order page, filling out a feedback form, etc. This will help to understand what percentage of visitors really interested in your product are from the total number of those who may have accidentally come to the site or those who did not like the site. It is not difficult to get a lot of visitors to the site (for example, to buy a link on a non-core resource and cheat in the anchor), but it is much more difficult to get interested ones.

For phrases that are indexed by a search engine and for which there are clicks, pay special attention to the importance of these phrases for business. If there are few clicks, and the phrases for which there are clicks are minor, this is a reason for discussing this problem with the SEO contractor. We'll have to deal with the intricacies of SY and how it is implemented on the site.

Monitoring SEO Site Health

How to organize monitoring over the site? The most logical answer is to check (audit) it periodically. To monitor qualitatively and independently very deep knowledge and a lot of time is required. There are a lot of resources helping with this matter. The overwhelming majority of them do not keep statistics of indicators, but show only the current state. There are also few products that show all the factors affecting SEO and can clearly and comprehensively display all the reasons why your site is not in the TOP10 for the required enquiries.

Our resource was developed in order to give the site owner comprehensive information about why the top position has not been reached and how your site is moving towards this or is standing still. We supervise the dynamics of changes in all types of content (it is convenient to compare with plans), the technical condition, the quality of the texts on all pages of the site, the dynamics of transition to links and promotion in the social networks, as well as provide constantly with updated and useful analysis of competitors. Based on that, the preparation of site development plans will be very easy.

Why is independent audit important?

The reports of the contractors are an important part of the promotion. But if you pay not for the result, but for the process, can you rely only on the contractor who performed monitoring? Do you have a complete set of tools to double-check what you are paying for? How long does it take to check what the contractor has indicated as a completed item and do you have it? If you answered yes to all the questions, then most likely an independent SEO control is not required. Otherwise, we suggest you try our product for free. We are sure that you just need our monitoring, but only if you have already completed or are going to complete the points described above: training, planning and supervising over the implementation of plans and works.

Why SEO analytics is powerful

Search engine optimization (SEO) analytics is a powerful tool that can help website owners improve their website's visibility, attract more traffic, and ultimately increase their revenue. Here are some ways that SEO analytics can help site owners:

Identify opportunities for improvement: By analyzing your website's traffic and search engine rankings, SEO analytics can help you identify areas that need improvement. For example, if you notice that certain pages on your website are not attracting as much traffic as you would like, you can use SEO analytics to identify the keywords that users are using to find those pages and optimize them accordingly.

Improve website performance: SEO analytics can help you identify technical issues that may be impacting your website's performance. For example, if your website is loading slowly, it can negatively impact your search engine rankings and user experience. SEO analytics can help you identify the factors that are causing your website to load slowly and provide guidance on how to fix them.

Track your progress: By tracking your search engine rankings and website traffic over time, you can see how your SEO efforts are impacting your website's performance. This can help you identify what's working well and what needs improvement.

Stay ahead of the competition: By analyzing your competitors' search engine rankings and traffic, you can identify opportunities to improve your own website and stay ahead of the competition.

Improve user experience: SEO analytics can help you understand how users are interacting with your website and identify opportunities to improve the user experience. For example, if users are leaving your website after viewing only one page, you may need to improve the content on that page or make it easier for users to navigate to other pages on your website.

In conclusion, SEO analytics is an essential tool for any website owner who wants to improve their website's performance and attract more traffic. By using SEO analytics, you can identify opportunities for improvement, track your progress, stay ahead of the competition, and improve the user experience on your website.