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What search robot can do with your site

Every time search engine visits your resource, it tries to find the best solution concerning search rating by specific key words. This solution determines the fact how many potential clients see your site as a result of the search and if they do at all.

Seo4Boss See your site with the robot’s eyes
What search engine sees on your site The solution made considering the rating
  1. Qualitative unique content on page and on the site in general
  2. Absence (correction) of spelling mistakes and text ‘over-spamming’
  3. Availability of key words in headlines ,page text and descriptions to the photos with optimal percentage entry
  4. Significant level of discussing the page theme on the social networking sites and other resources attached to your site
  5. A small amount of technical fault both on page and on the site
  6. Absence of attempts to deceive the search engine:
    • all contents are unique(without plagiarism)
    • smooth growth of donor links
    • donor links are placed on theme resources
    • no traffic cheating in social networking sites attached
Seo4Boss growth in СЕО indicators Improving search rating / high orginalposition
  1. Nothing has changed since the previous analyses by search robot:
    • an amount and quality of content;
    • discussing level ;
    • technical state.
  2. para 1 concerning the fact your competitors have not surpassed the indicators of your site
  3. para 1 concerning the fact search engine has not recognized your resource ‘abandoned’.
Seo4Boss keeping  current CEO positions Maintenance of current positions in rating
  1. СЕОindicators (content, discussing level and absence of technical challenges ) of your competitors are better.
  2. "Overoptimization" – rather frequent references to key words and collocations
  3. If long absence of changes activity on the site, it is considered ‘abandoned’. It is illogical to recommend such resource within the search results.
  4. A lot of technical faults on the page and on the site
  5. Detection of insignificant cheating attempts.
Seo4Boss  СЕО rating decreasing Rating downgrade and low original position
  1. Gross errors of search engine deception are revealed;
  2. Text lacks necessary set of key words on new pages;
  3. Periodical unavailability of the site, hosting challenges;
  4. Site virus infecting.
Seo4Boss crucial drop in СЕО positions Crucial drop in positions or complete absence of search results

Pieces of advice:

  • If you invest money into SEO site promoting, you should clearly realize what it is at least. Only by comprehending that fact , you get the control over all changes your site experiences.
  • You have to check the state of your site regularly (what to check particularly). You can do it independently, but qualitative checking needs much more time. The second option is to order independent regular audit/monitoring .