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Why it is important and how to work with keywords.

Everything that is written on the pages of the site is analyzed by a search robot. Based on the results of such an analysis, the search engine decides by what word combinations (key phrases) to index this site. The uniqueness of the text, the total number of words on the site and in individual articles, the repetition of words on a single page, the absence of spelling errors determine the quality of the text. In this article, we will try to understand the impact of working with keywords on the quality of the text.

Let's divide the concept of keywords into 2 groups. The first one is words that have been indexed by a search engine and have impressions in search results. This group is displayed in Google Search Console (GSC). Tracking the dynamics and performance of impressions using GSC is a hackneyed topic and we will not dwell on it.
The second group "Semantic core" (SY) - key phrases for which you need to promote based on the business logic of the site. If your site is "SEO promoted" well enough, then these 2 groups overlap or overlap quite well. It is quite another matter when the site has not reached the maximum in the search rankings, in this case the analysis of the semantic core will significantly help in understanding why the rating of individual phrases is absent or lower than desired. Without analyzing the semantic core, namely, imposing it on the site with the display of the frequency of the presence of words on the pages, you will not be able to detect possible reasons for low search rankings or absence in GSC.

Such reasons may be:

  1. The absence of CJ phrases on any page of your resource.
  2. Not enough frequency of presence (occurrence) of individual words of the YA on the page.
  3. Excessively high frequency of words, "overspamming" of the text.
Frequency of words in the text: 0%
complete absence
more than 0%, up to 1.5%
from 1.5%, up to 4%
more than 4%
too high
Indexing result: not indexed by search engines low search ranking possiblethe page is most successful from the SEO point of view" Spamming "the rating may be downgraded or the search robots may impose sanctions.
Treat:words from the semantic core any word
Note 1: There are 2 types of words in key phrases. Subject of sale (advertising) and
auxiliary words "buy, price, cheap, online, etc."
In the optimal frequency, it is desirable to hit the subject of advertising.
For each auxiliary word, it will be quite normal to have 1-2 occurrences per page.
Note 2: All the given numbers of frequencies are indicative and may depend on the subject matter and competition.
Which% is considered optimal, insufficient and redundant to decide for you, perhaps relying on the "Competitor Analysis".

The parameters of the frequency of occurrence of words in the text should be taken into account when writing new articles. Through the setting of tasks for the copywriter and control of the received text before publication. How to analyze a site if it has already been written? This is especially necessary if the results of SEO promotion do not suit you and a possible reason for miscalculations in writing content.
This task is solved by monitoring from Seo4Boss:

  • checking for "spamming" of all pages of the checked site, in any words
  • superimposing СY on the site: displaying key phrases, the combination of words of which does not occur on any page
  • superimposing the SN on the site: counting the number and frequency of individual words from key phrases on the pages where they are found
  • The module "Competitor Analysis" calculates the number of words and their% of the total number on the page, which were used by your competitors in the TOP10. These metrics can serve as a strong reference point for writing new articles or correcting existing ones.

Content quality is imperative and arguably the most basic of SEO criteria. If your pages do not have the necessary combinations of words or some words are too many, these pages will never rise to the TOP of search rankings, no matter how many other promotional activities they perform.

One of the unique mechanisms by which the site is checked by our Seo4Boss complex is the imposition of the semantic core on the site. Do you want to see the result of the work of this unique technology in relation to your resource and thus check the possibly many years of work of several copywriters?