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Self-directed SEO

The uniqueness of SEO promotion over other methods is that almost all activities can be performed independently and for free.
This is quite within the power of an owner who has free time. Also, this method is suitable for enterprises with employees who can be entrusted with almost everything.
But a non-professional will inevitably face the question: "what to add to the site and what to fix on it"?
This problem is solved by a periodic audit, which will show what needs to be corrected, what has already been done, what to strive for when writing articles and maintaining social media. networks.

Take a look at a small list of things to do:

  • To write and correct articles, having read the rules of "copywriting" or articles are written by a copywriter, and an employee who knows the intricacies of the business accepts the job
  • Tidy up headings and tags
  • Publish new photos and videos
  • Maintain multiple social networks
  • Most of the errors in the code can be easily corrected by the sys.admin of the enterprise. In the absence of it, it will not be difficult to find someone who will establish technical order for not much money.
  • Receive non-paid links by posting mentions of the site in directories, forums and other accessible portals
  • Understand buying paid links on any exchange
  • In any case, you have to pay for paid links. Whether to pay for the purchase of links is up to you.

If you can do half or more of the items yourself, then find freelancers to complete the rest.
If there is no time to deal with the site, entrust all the points to different freelancers or contact the CEO of a company that will take on the full range of work.
With any of the above options, control is very important, both over one's own actions and over the work of hired specialists.
Try our weekly audit and you will understand how easy it is to control the SEO promotion, for very little money.