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Ways to know about your site

Why do people write websites? Let's offer our own answer: "so that visitors would visit them." What should visitors do to read texts, watch photos / videos, order a service, buy a product - this is less important. No visitors - no one to read, watch, buy. The beauty of the design, useful information or low prices, all this may be absolutely not in demand if there is no one to look at them. Currently, when more than a billion sites have already been created and their number is growing rapidly, the most difficult task for owners is "how to tell about your site." How can potential visitors find out about a particular resource? Let's try to figure it out.

Offline (not internet) advertising

Long before the invention of the World Wide Web, people tried to advertise their goods and services. The first mass source of such information was the press, later radio and television, brochures, business cards, billboards, advertising on transport, etc. appeared.

Online advertising

  1. Addressing the giants of the internet advertising industry directly:
    • Google with its Google Ads platform and subsidiary Youtube.
    • Yandex (Yandex-direct, YAN) mainly for the CIS countries.
    • Facebook with its Instagram subsidiary
  2. A large number of other social networks: Twitter, VK, OK, ... Which are ready to show your ads for money.
  3. Paid accounts on marketplaces.
  4. Placing advertisements with large blog owners

Various types of mailings

  1. Bulk E-Mail Sending
  2. Newsletter in messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Massenger
  3. Automated SMS sending to phone numbers.
  4. Posts in social media groups.

Internet Search

The world leader in providing search information Google and its competitor in the Russian-speaking segment Yandex, are ready to provide anyone with an answer to almost any request or question. The result of such a response will be a list of sites providing content that can help satisfy the user's interest. The whole trick is where in the list is this or that resource. This distribution of places is produced by the search engine itself, based on a large number of factors. It is not possible to buy a higher location directly for money. You can go up the search list only by taking measures to improve those very factors. The process of fulfilling the requirements of a search engine is called SEO promotion. What is SEO and what actions need to be taken on a site to rise to the top of search queries, you can read here.

Advantages and Disadvantages

# How information is disseminated Benefits Disadvantages
1. Offline advertising Not considered.

Advertising on paid platforms Google, Yandex, Facebook, other social networks, blogs and platforms

  • Fast results.
  • No high technical training required.
  • Easy and intuitive control.
  • High price per visitor
  • Linear dependence of visitors on the money spent.
  • Lack of any inertia. No site visits when funding ends.


  • Not paid types of mailings. Or a fairly low price per message.
  • Fast results.
  • Not complicated technical production.
  • Low efficiency. As a rule, people have a negative attitude towards mailings, regarding them as spam.

SEO promotion

  • Highest inertia. Unlike all other types of information delivery, attachments will last for years.
  • Non-linear dependence of visitors on the money invested. More costly at first, but if certain results are achieved, maintenance can be cheaper. There is a natural decline in prices per visitor.
  • Getting more interested visitors ("warm" leads). As a result, a high percentage of purchases (conversion).
  • When performing work independently (by the owner personally or by an additional burden on the company's employees) there are no financial costs, only time is wasted.
  • The longest way to get visitors. The first result is usually in a couple of weeks. Achievement of a high result can take 2-3 months.
  • Various events. To do this, you need to be a specialist in many areas or hire third-party performers.
  • The complexity of control over the volume and quality of work.

To summarize the table briefly, advertising, social media and mailing lists are simple and quick options to attract visitors, but they are all expensive and short-term. Search engine optimization (SEO) is more difficult in behavior and control, although it has an undeniable advantage, the money and time spent work for years.

If you have a commercial site, then its main task is to make a profit. Which, in turn, is not possible without a steady stream of visitors. Everyone decides how to ensure this flow in their own way, but the most logical solution is a balanced strategy in which all of the listed methods of attracting potential customers are present.

With any funding, one of the most important criteria for success is control over the spending of money. Of all the above methods, "SEO promotion" is the most difficult in terms of understanding and technical implementation. This makes it much more difficult to control the spending of funds.

Our resource is trying to help in understanding what promotion is and offers inexpensive, weekly SEO monitoring, from which not a single important trifle escapes the gaze.