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Why is it important to control costs for promotion

A website and its SEO promotion is a business. Which is subject to all business laws.

One of these laws:

  • do it yourself
  • you can't - hire people and control what they do
  • you can't control - hire people to control

For those who still believe that having paid several hundred dollars a month for promotion and without delving into the process, your site will be brought to the TOP for all the necessary words, you can skip the article.
For the rest, take 3 minutes and read the article to the end. We will try to explain what to do and what are the options for controlling the promotion of your site.

  1. You cannot develop a business without delving into it. As soon as you start treating the site and promotion as a business, many things will fall into place. You will either have to hire a website manager or spend a few hours of your precious time to understand in detail what website promotion is, what it consists of and how it works. To get started, we advise you to read the articles on our website (they are written in simple language and correspond to our name "CEO for a manager"), and be sure to read a few more similar resources. You cannot control what you do not understand.
  2. If SEO costs are not what you expected? This means that there is a failure in the "payment - actions - result" system that must be eliminated or the system changed.
  3. Different people (organizations) should perform the work and control the progress of the work. Are you sure that your CEO's reports are absolutely reliable and cover all sections of search engine optimization?
  4. Anyone wants to earn more and work less. Lack of control will definitely push the contractor to do less work, while asking for more payment.
  5. Who says "I don't have time to deal with the site and delve into its promotion." You have 3 options: - Hire a manager; - to find the time and still delve into; - do not engage in SEO promotion. Otherwise, you are at risk, for which the money spent on the CEO will not bring results.

Search engine optimization, unlike any type of advertising, is the most difficult (in terms of implementation and control) way of getting visitors to the site.
This is due to the large number of different-profile events. To achieve the result, the completeness of coverage of the entire list of measures is very important.
Spending money and time, you may not get a result (getting into the TOP) just because one of the many activities is "lame" or not being performed.
This principle can be compared to the groove that the competitors who entered the TOP have developed, but not on your site.

Seo4Boss: SEO is a puzzle of activities.

In turn, each large element is divided into several smaller ones. The site's search position depends on each event.

Seo4Boss: SEO is a puzzle! (detailed)

For the case when a team of third-party specialists is fully engaged in promoting your site, compare the reports sent by the CEO of the company with the reports located in the footer of our site. Perhaps based on our more detailed monitoring, you will be able to demand better work from hired specialists for your money.

To control the progress, an audit is required, which is done periodically. The importance of periodicity is due to the fact that promotion requires the publication of new materials that may introduce new errors. Also, periodic reports help to monitor the status of social networks.