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Why is it important to control the promotion

  1. SEO costs (employee salaries, contract with a contractor) like all other costs should be controlled.
  2. The complexity and versatility of the CEO does not always allow the owner to clearly understand the need for certain work and to what extent they should be performed.
  3. The same reason why SEO is difficult makes it difficult to control.
  4. Reports generated by the manufacturer of the work may not always be objective, both in terms of volume and expediency of the activities performed.
  5. It will take a lot of time to independently double-check the reports from the work producers, even if the resource owner knows what and how to check.

One of the options for resolving the issue of controlling the site on promotion can be an independent, periodic analysis of the site. Which gives an abbreviated report, it will take less than a minute to get acquainted with it. And also a very detailed analysis of all the factors influencing the promotion.

If you still have doubts about controlling the progress or not, look at the 2 pictures below.

Dealing with contractors without control

Site promotion with independent control

Working with contractors by independent control

Website promotion without control