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What is SEO and why is it so difficult

Seo4Boss: SEO From Wikipedia

Paraphrasing "Wikipedia" - promotion is usually understood as a set of activities, as a result of which search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, ..) raise the search ranking of individual pages and the site as a whole, i.e. put the pages of your site higher than the pages of competitors for a particular search query.
One of the main principles of CEO is complete coverage of the required activities. It is very difficult to achieve success in website promotion by performing only a few steps. And for this you need to know at least the full range of measures.

SEO promotion is "a set of measures to improve positions in the search ranking."
There is no single standard or precise definition of SEO and therefore each specialist interprets it differently. Read our version of "What is SEO".

Seo4Boss 'Website promotion scheme'

In short, you should be running and periodically updated:

  • plans to add and change articles, photos, videos;
  • social media development plan;
  • plans to get non-paid and buy paid links;
  • plans to eliminate those. problems;
  • analysis of search positions of important keywords;
  • competitor analysis for 5-10 keywords;
  • control over the entire process of SEO promotion;

We tried to collect the most complete and detailed list of events

By carrying out these activities, the position of your site will increase in search rankings. Achieving high results directly depends on the completeness of coverage of all items.

  1. Filling the site with a lot of unique content. In practice, it is implemented as follows:
    • Plan for publishing new text articles (products for an online store) and editing existing ones.
    • Plan for placing new photo materials and replacing "outdated" ones.
    • Plan for adding new video materials.
    • Checking the uniqueness of content before publishing.

    Hereinafter, "Plan" means "drawing up, implementation, adjustment and mandatory monitoring of implementation." In plans for content, in addition to the timing and quantity, it is necessary to indicate the topic, and for the text the theses on which the article will be written or corrected. The owner of the site (business) or his representative who deeply understands the essence of the business must certainly participate in drawing up all plans and monitoring their implementation. Writing articles will most likely be done by a copywriter, and photo and video processing by a web designer. It is up to you whether to entrust the CEO of the company with the full cycle of filling the site, but it is unlikely that the promotion employees will deeply understand the intricacies of your business.

    Seo4Boss 'content in SEO'

    Considering that working with content is of paramount importance, we suggest that you read the article "Content quality is everything".

  2. Site support in social networks and messengers
    • Registration in all the most popular Internet communities in your region, 4 - 6 is optimal.
    • Placing links on the site to all registered messengers and social media. network, required on all pages, e.g. footer.
    • When posting a new article on the site, it is advisable to post a post on the same day in all social networks with a link to a new or substantially revised page with a mandatory call to follow the link and read the material. The search robot will surely notice the activity of transitions from social. networks on the page and index it, taking into account the interest shown by the subscribers of the social. networks.
    • Implementation and control of the plan for placing posts with unique (not the same content as the site).
    Seo4Boss 'Social Media SEO'

    Tip: do not post entire posts or individual texts / photos from social networks on the site. Moreover, do not use plugins that automatically link social networks to the site. From the SEO point of view, this is plagiarism, for which your site will be punished.

  3. Increase of discussion (more frequent mentioning) of your resource on the Internet. To achieve this goal, it is necessary:
    • Fulfillment of the plan to register the site in all kinds of open directories, forums and other Internet portals that are not paid for placement.
    • Stick to a plan to buy paid links.
    • Both plans should be based on the smoothness of adding new links to your resource.
    • Remember, the purchase of paid links is PROHIBITED from the point of view of search engines and if such facts are detected, namely, sharp jumps in the number, the search robot will apply sanctions to your site in the form of lowering the rating or completely removing it from it.
    • Stick to topical posting. The donor site (on which the link is located) and your resource should be at least approximately in the same topic. Avoid donors with completely different or questionable topics.

    Short summary: Fluency and thematicity are fundamental to getting inbound links to your resource. These factors should be controlled whenever possible.

    Seo4Boss 'site talkative'
  4. Reduction of technical rejects.
    • All headings are spelled correctly.
    • Eliminate errors in the tags of links and images.
    • Passing HTML and CSS code validation tests without errors for all pages of the site.
    • Eliminating the causes of slow loading of the site as a whole and individual pages.
    • Reduce byte size for large photos.
    • Fix or remove all broken links, external and internal.
    • Sitemap.xml file availability and relevance
    • For a more detailed list of possible technical errors, see the page
    • If there are a lot of scrap on the site, you may need a plan to put the site in order.
    Seo4Boss schema 'technical condition of the site'
  5. Periodic analysis of keywords is important to understand where your site is in the search rankings. There is a list of words that Google Search Console shows and of course you need to analyze this information. But the problem is that GSC shows a list of words that have at least 1 impression for the requested period. As a rule, search engine users do not view more than 10 or 20 first results. And therefore, if the position of your resource, for example, 85th, then you are unlikely to see it in GSC, because there are no impressions. In this case, you will not see the dynamics of the rise or fall of the keyword's rating, for example, from 85 to 54 or 120 position.
    Our recommendation is that you need to identify 5-10 keywords that are important for the business of the site and do a periodic check of their positions. This will allow you to understand the positions of these important words. Under certain conditions, these words will get to the GSC, because they will have shows.
  6. "Competitor Analysis" for the same 5-10 important keywords. The analysis itself will not directly improve your position, but it is mandatory. The information obtained from the analysis will allow you to understand exactly how to draw up all of the above plans. After evaluating the main parameters of sites that were able to get into the top of the search engine, it will be clearer for you what you need to strive for. How much content you need to place on your website, what indicators of social networks it is desirable to arrive at, how many donors and donor links you need. By distributing in time the difference between the figures of the "tops" and yours, you will get quite clear plans of action. Seo4Boss' competitor analysis' '
  7. There are several ways to control the work being done on your resource.
    • Self-check of all the above items. Checking the positions of the desired keywords. Compilation of these words "competitor analysis". Counting the number of articles and photos on the site. View how many publications and subscribers in all social networks. View the number of donors and their links. Technical audit. We write all the obtained figures into a table for comparison with previous checks. We analyze what has changed and in which direction.
      Advantages: - not paid, only time is wasted; - maximum objectivity and honesty of the information received;
      Disadvantages of self-checking: - a lot of time will be spent; - will require a lot of technical training;
    • View reports provided by the SOE promoting company.
      Advantage: not paid, included in the package of services.
      Disadvantages: - lack of interest in providing complete and objective information; - as a result, a limited list of checked parameters; -the information received requires rechecking, which requires time and skills;
    • Obtaining independent SEO monitoring from a third-party company.
      Advantage: - absolute objectivity, because the performer of the report is not a performer of works for CEO; - as a result, the maximum list of checked parameters and there is no need for rechecking.
      Disadvantages: - additional costs for this service;
      The good news is that the services of the Seo4Boss program for independent, weekly SEO monitoring are 30-50 times cheaper than the average cost of SEO promotion. You can see the real cost of a SEO audit on the page .
    Seo4Boss 'periodic audit'

The above list of events is the same both for self-promotion and for the case when hired specialists are engaged in this. If our list is radically larger than those activities that you do yourself or you get for money, think about how to perform and control the maximum number of promotion methods.

After reading this article, I think it became clear to you that the CEO is a rather large complex of diverse activities, this is its complexity. Ordering any online advertising is much easier technically and the result will be faster, but also much more expensive in terms of the long term.
If, nevertheless, you decide to engage in SEO for your site (independently or by hiring specialists), then in addition to the complexity of carrying out this list of activities, it is not so easy to control the implementation process. It is for this control that our "Weekly SEO Monitoring" was developed.

The money that is spent on the development of the business (site) must be controlled!

Seo4Boss what is 'SEO monitoring' for