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Our complex is designed for website owners / managers who need control over the SEO promotion process.

Weekly SEO monitoring is not interesting when:

  1. You have a one-page landing page or business card
  2. The number of pages / materials on the resource is less than a dozen and there are no plans to increase
  3. You do not conduct or plan SEO promotion, you promote in other ways
  4. The site occupies a leading position in the search ranking for all keywords. This is possible if:
    • unique business topic, no competitors
    • promotional activities have been carried out and are being carried out as efficiently as possible

In the first and second cases, there is practically no volume on which to perform the audit. The correctness of filling headers, spelling of the text, HTML code validation and other parameters are not difficult to check once and on their own. Such sites do not develop, so it makes no sense to track the dynamics of their growth, which in turn is an important criterion for periodic audits. Sites with very little content are unlikely to compete in search rankings with constantly populated resources. And as a rule, such sites can be attributed to the third category.

There are a number of Internet resources on which, in principle, search engine optimization is not carried out. Perhaps these sites advertise on paid advertising platforms, or links to the site are published in large groups of social networks, etc. For detailed material on "how they can find out about your site" see here. If the site does not carry out SEO promotion activities, then there is no point in monitoring what is missing.

The fourth category of sites is the absolute leader in search queries. This indicates the correctness of the chosen directions in SEO promotion and excellent work on the site. Most likely, periodic SEO monitoring will not reveal weak points and will be unnecessary.

If your Internet portal does not fall into any of the listed categories and you are not very happy with the growth rate in search rankings, despite the costs. Your resource is multi-page, with growing content (there is a constant publication of new ones, correction and replacement of existing texts, photos and videos). It is important for you to keep track of the technical status, including newly published or revised materials. You are interested in the dynamics of development not only of the site, but also of your social networks. You want to monitor your competitors dynamically for important search queries. Completeness and comprehensiveness of a report from a company CEO or freelancer is not suitable for you.

In this case, our product will become a real help in controlling all of the above and not only. In addition to everything, a very affordable price, which is ten times less than a one-time SEO audit and monthly costs for SEO promotion. See for yourself. Order a weekly check of your resource for free.