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We possess all permits for types of economic activities licensed by the following codes (OKVED-2010):

  • 62.01 - Computer programming;
  • 63.11 - Data processing, posting information online and activity connected with: • data processing: making up specific accounts based on the data received from a customer;
  • 63.12 - Web-portals

Programming complex "Seo4Boss"

Our complex is targeted for those who requires detailed and convenient provision the customer with the information on web-portal SEO state. To solve this task our complex audits the site checked daily. On their results two obligatory accounts are made up:

  1. Detailed account by SEO parameters in MS EXCEL format;
  2. Brief account on SEO parameters in PDF format.

Following files are provided to the customer under specific conditions.

  1. While mentioning “Enquiries essential for promotion” while registering or with the assistance of telegram-bot an additional report “Analysis of competitors” is shaped.
  2. On available technical possibility the file sitemap.xml is created for the site checked

Advantages of "Seo4Boss":

  • Independent auditing.
  • Availability of compact account in pdf format allows estimate the process of site developing without detailing in a few seconds. The title of the account means itself “SEOforBoss”.
  • On your submitting (whicn mentions Once the cite name, address for receiving accounts, key words), the customer does not perform anything. No need for periodical use of some programs or web-resources, just only reports in your e-mail or telegram-client and awareness of them.
  • Maintaining weekly statistics on all the parameters checked with detailed reflection of positive or negative dynamics. Such way of information provision reveals which processing has been done with the site and which lack.
  • Maximum coverage of activities checked concerning search promotion in complexity .
    It is no secret there are a variety of programs and sites which check specific SEO components provisions: technical state, over spamming and over wording at one page, analysis of social networks, statistics of donators and donation links, analysis of competitors etc. Moreover, while applying various kinds of contradictory checking, the processing of statistics is your duty.
  • Convenient navigation on detailed account. Transition between links on lists and vice versa to “Consolidated”. On pressing the link ‘info’ our site is run with detailed description of the purpose of this checking.
  • Developed by our company and unique “Analysis of competitors” gives really useful and relevant information concerning the enquiry you are interested in among TOP 10 sites which includes a number of words and photos on page entered the top, the percentage of key words entering, reliability of social networks. It is essential support for developing plans and setting specific tasks on SEO promotion of your resource.

Weekly sending of files containing the report are provided with the following means of delivery:

  • E-mail. The first address is notified while ordering. Additional two addresses may be mentioned in your private room with the assistance of telegram-bot. Password for registration in telegram-bot is sent to your e-mail notified while ordering the service.
  • Mailing by telegram-bot registered by the customer (of maximum 10).

Return policy:

  1. On unavailability of technical means to test web-portal and advanced payment , individual entrepreneur Kulikov A.D. (performer) guarantees the refund of all the funds received in full. In that case Performer on its own decides on whether to sent the report to the customer.

    Due to a vast majority of platforms for working out sites and plagins applied it is of no chance to forecast and describe all possible options for the lack of technical possibility to test the site. On our site one of such examples is given in sitemap.xml.

  2. Before ordering our service on report shaping be careful to get acquainted with the examples of reports in a site footer and list of parameters to be checked. the performance of the order and its payment confirm your consent to receiving reports with the form and contents which are given in the areticle and examples. In case the content of reports received does not meet your requirements your payment is not refunded!