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4 main cases
When you need automatic control Seo for Boss

You order the SEO with other contractorsand are not aware of the things to control.

You have SEO specialist, copywriter, programmer in your staffand you spend much time on their work controlling.

You are not in constant awareness of the site controlmoreover, without weekly report you are aware of all failures.

Monitoring social networks takes a lot of timeso it is hardly ever performed.

Weekly report on SEO for Boss site
promotes supervising:

Rank in search rating of the key words selected by you.

Changes in a general number of pages on site.

A number of pages changes over a week.

The number of pages Google and Yandex indexed.

Absence of key words inserted on the site, consequently lack of indexation and promotion.

The actual importance of the sitemap, whether all necessary pages are added.

Changes in an amount of photo and video contents.

A list of external links, references and contacts which prevent you from site promoting.

Changes in a number of links to other resources enable to raise your site rating.

A number of technical errors and their division into groups.

Dynamic of monitoring main criteria concerning social networking sites notified.

Indirect drivers preventing from successful promoting, wrong redirects or their lack SSL ...

All factors mentioned are checked weekly
With displaying growth dynamics, whether positive or negative, or even zero-point one.

Why do site holders trust us?

We do not provide services concerning SEO promotion, so you get independent and unbiased report.
Control system is fully automatised, so human factor and errors are impossible.
Seo for Boss is created for executives: there are only key points evaluated by the users to control with the language affordable.
You easily compare your managerial report with the one of the contractor work or the ones of from your staff.

The feedback from our clients:

Paid SEO oqn site promotion services within 4 months. Folks from a powerful company set confusing long reports. There were no results – so being disappointed. I thought to quit the idea, but face up the report ‘SEO for boss’ and tried. I employed a freelancer and now clearly understand what should be done. Due to the report I am aware of the way SEO works. As a result, I have got into top 10 by my 2 enquiries over 2months. I am really pleased! Without such report it is a waste of money to order SEO.

Due to this service we were able to reveal and remove the errors existed on the site. Complex work on optimization obtained the positive result – the leap from the 70th rank to the first Google top by some key enquiries.
As for other auditing clients, the link is wide and is not restricted with the report on errors. What exists and should be tracked is key positions, information of donators, contents representation in a search engine and other important indicators.

I am the owner of two sites concerning toys and flowers. I occasionally fill them in, sometimes copywriter creates the contents. Bothe sites were monitored by the programmer. I am active social networks use. Yet, some time before, I have not been aware of the ways to observe the results of my work as well as supervise the discussing my resource on Facebook. I ordered the trial analysis of both sites.After the second report which revealed the factual dynamics, I realized that it was the way I needed. Thanks to creators! It is worth much but cost a little as it was informative.

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